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Welcome to First Escort Listing website. Here, everything you'll need for your party needs and outdoor excursions will be fulfilled as per your wishes and expectations. We are a top class escorts provider with excellent customer service round the clock. No matter what time of day or night you are in need of our services, we will not hesitate to get you booked with our services and hooked up with the best, high-class escort girls. We have the best, top class escort girls for any taste which includes blondes, brunettes, busty ladies and Elite. This is the reason our clients can always choose and decide on the specific taste of escort girls they need and we will be quick to deliver. We are also keen on our selection of escorts and whenever the client is in need of one or several, we will not hesitate to get them down to where they are and ensure that their needs are met to the fullest. Any class of escort is available through our website and based on your current preferences, we will make it our core function to ensure that you are linked with the best in our collection.

You might be simply resting down at your hotel or idle with nothing serious to do but looking for entertainment or someone that can keep you company. Be it in the afternoons or in the evenings, our in-calls get you down to the private apartments of the escorts where you are free to meet with them or have them come to your hotel.

These are all arrangements that have been prepared in advance so that our customers do not have to seek any further for the services we render to them. Booking the escorts with a few hours advance lets them get prepared and ready to give you an eventful show. The booking staff takes care of the smooth booking process and are well versed in the preferences and requirements of the clients.

Our services cover all major locations in London which include, but not limited to, places like Paddington, Baker Street, Kensington, Mayfair, Bond Street, Marylebone, and Marble Arch. No matter where you are, we will get our escorts right down to you and have them well prepared to match up with your expectations. Any taste or preference is met and your events and occasions are made even brighter with the best escorts who are tastefully selected to see to it that nothing that you were wishing for is ignored or left out as it concerns your color choices and preferences for complexion and tone of the escorts.

About Us

We have the best, finessed experience in the escort industry and this is especially useful for cities like London and other many companies. With your privacy our top priority, we have an escort listing that covers many of the locations in London and all these locations have been visited and are easily reachable by any of our escorts. We take great effort in getting your orders and requests the best, keenest attention to ensure that no detail is left missing and your exact order is brought in as you'd have wanted. We are also making plans to expand and grow our catalog by hiring more newcomers to our existing London escort directory.

This will be made up of a friendly line-up of high-class girls and makes for a good selection of the best in the field. Anytime you feel bored or dull, our selection will challenge you and get you thumbing through the directory in search for an escort you can select to make your occasion the best. In terms of meeting class and quality expectations, our escorts match up with what we are expected to deliver which makes the many clients that are reliant on our escorts to come to us whenever they need escorts. Our experience has also made us keen in choosing escorts for our clients and as we have grown to develop relationships with them, we have been able to establish a stronger foundation on which all our services are rendered and the customers get to have their wishes met.

We always welcome new girls to join our company

As a firm, we are always in the hiring process meaning that if you re at least 18 years of age and have the ability to work legally in the UK, then send us an email to the employment team with a motivation letter, personal details and the latest photos. We are straightforward with our mode of operations and will handle all the information that is delivered to us with utmost discretion. In such manner, all your history and work experience will stay with us and we will be able to employ you and include you into our team. This will get you introduced to the other escorts we have managed to employ and with this ready, you'll be able to work with them without many introductions. The employment also ensures that you are given adequate, livable working conditions such as an apartment to live in, training with your other workers and a schedule that is not too squeezed or limited. The employment page also provides a great opportunity for all those who are of working age and allowed to live in the UK to come to us and be escorts for top-class clients who are always paying good money for these services. With more escorts, more clients are able to gain or benefit from the services we offer them and they keep coming back to our website for the galleries that are regularly updated with new hires. The employment line is a simple means to getting more and more escorts in our catalog and the gallery gets boosted each new day with new arrivals that have been taken through our selection and hiring process that takes into consideration their current condition and relevant experience.